Frequently Asked Questions

Trading Signals

How many trading signals I will get?

The amount of our trading signals depends upon the type of plan you subscribe too. To know about the no. of trading signals that you will get in a trading plan, please click here.

On which exchanges can I trade on these signals?

At the time of registration, you will get an option to choose on which exchange you would like to trade. As per your chosen option, you will receive trading signals for that respective exchange. However our signals can be easily traded on Binance, BitMex, Bitfinex, OKEx, Huobi, HitBTC, Bittrex, Kucoin & much more.

Are, trading signals for the short term?

Yes! All trading signals are for short term period & on average achieves the given targets within 0 to 3 days (0 being, few hours).

Do signals come with stop loss?

Yes, Todayq follows strict trading guidance.

What is the profit percentage on each signal?

On average, the profit percentage of each short term trading signal varies between 5% to 30%. Let us clear it with an example: Suppose that we prepared a trading signal for BTC/USD, our BTC entry price was $7000 and our short term targets were $7150 - $7350 - $7500. Now suppose that BTC hit's the second target i.e $7350 and we exited our positions. As per the market & our trade BTC gained 5% in its value (7350 - 7000 = 350, 350/7000*100 = 5%). Now if on the same trade a user takes 5x leverage, his/her profit will be 25%. However, it doesn't mean that leverage is necessary for trading. This is just an example. At Todayq, we focus on quality trading & consistent profits. *T&C Apply

How I will receive the trading signals?

All our premium trading signals will be sent to you using WhatsApp or by SMS.

What is a pro trading plan?

A pro trader values time more than money. No need to watch the market or making a trade on our signals, we will do that for you. With our pro plan, you can automate everything & focus on something that's more important. It can be taking your, family to a movie, working more on your business, or maybe relaxing for some time! With our pro plans, you can do all that while your profitable trades still going on.

In a pro plan, how automatic trades are performed?

Todayq​ uses its personal high-quality auto-trading software which is provided to the pro user. Our auto-trading software is similar to account handling by a personal executive. From making automatic trades on the given trading signals (conditions are set by the user) to updating the user on each activity with an Email/SMS notification, our auto-trading software saves your time. Let us give you an example, how this will ease your trading: Without Auto-Trading Software (No Pro Plans): Suppose that you are taking premium trading signals from Todayq & we sent you a trade by WhatsApp/SMS at around 9 PM when you were watching a TV show with your family or maybe having dinner. Now there are 90% chances that you will miss your trade entry points. With Auto-Trading Software (With Pro Plans): Consider the same example, you were having your dinner at 9 PM when we prepared a trade. You are enjoying your food & in the meanwhile the auto-trading software enters the trade as per our trading signals (and as per the conditions set by you in starting) & send you a notification that your trade has been made. It's that simple & convinent.

Portfolio Management

What is Portfolio Management/Designing?

Portfolio designing is the starting point of portfolio management. Under portfolio designing your portfolio will be made as per the amount you want to invest in cryptocurrency. As per your investment amount, your portfolio will be designed by our cryptocurrencies long term fundamental & technical experts.

Do I need to add more funds whenever my portfolio needs updations under management support?

No! Whenever there are updations in a portfolio, it is done within the same portfolio amount. You don't need to add more funds in any portfolio updations. Let us give you a short example: Suppose that Anil has invested 5,00,000 INR & one coin in his portfolio is, say, "Coin A". As we know that with the growth of cryptocurrencies, many companies are entering into the market with more potential coins on which our team keeps an eye on. Suppose there is a new coin in the market, say, "Coin B" & after complete research our team updates that "Coin B" have more potential of profitability than "Coin A". Now our team will update Anil to shift his "Coin A" to "Coin B". So these types of changes are done in a portfolio to maximize the returns.

How much returns can I get under portfolio management?

This is the most asked & most important question! Under our portfolio management, you can expect a return up to 500% or more depending upon the market conditions and the time of holding. Cryptocurrencies have shown massive returns in the history. In 2017, Bitcoin alone has peaked from ~1,000 USD to ~20,000 USD (20 times the amount). Similarly in portfolio management, the returns are very much dependent on the time you hold. We suggest every user to hold their portfolio for at least 18 to 48 months to see great returns.

What is management support?

Time to time a portfolio needs updations depending upon the market conditions. Our portfolio management support is all about that. Whenever your portfolio needs updations like changing of cryptocurrencies from one to another, to maximize profits or adding more potential coins is all included in our management support.

Do I need to send my investment to Todayq?

No! You don't need to send your investment amount to Todayq. You just need to tell the amount that you want to invest & your portfolio will be designed accordingly within a period of 2 days. Once your portfolio is ready, our executive will update you with the coins list & how much quantities you have to buy.