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Understand Cryptocurrency

What you will learn?

1) What is cryptocurrency

  • Understand the basics of cryptocurrency, what is it & how it works.

2) Cryptocurrency in India

  • How crypto works in India, what type of ban it faced earlier, what's happening now & more.

3) Future of cryptocurrency

  • Why it's trending & how crypto adoption is going on.

4) Making money in cryptocurrency

  • Understand the ways people make money in crypto & whether you should enter or not.

Special webinar by:

Varun Goel | Founder, CEO

With decentralization & complete transparency for each & every person, blockchain is the leading innovator in the internet world. A big example of cryptocurrency defines it's potential. The way money is decentralized, has been made secured and is accessible by anyone/anywhere shows the upcoming change in the finance sector. The potential of blockchain & cryptocurrency is way more than we have yet imagined. Connect with Varun Goel >>

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