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0xcert Progress Update: Wanchain Connector to be Integrated into 0xcert dApp Development Framework

Wanchain first formed a partnership with the Slovenia-based 0xcert team back in July 2018 with the intent of driving adoption and utilization of non-fungible tokens on Wanchain’s network. Since then, both projects have rapidly evolved and have began to form deeper integrations. Let’s dive in!

What is 0xcert?

0xcert is open-source framework to create, manage, and swap digital assets (ERC-721) and value tokens (ERC-20) on the blockchain. The goal of the framework is to simplify and streamline the dApp development process for blockchain developers, as well as using standards to ensure consistency and quality.

The key features of the 0xcert framework, per the announcement blog, are as follows. All of these asset management functionalities will soon be integrated into Wanchain’s ecosystem:

  • creation (minting), management, and verification of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (assets) — it allows you to tokenize and trade your unique asset on the blockchain.

  • management of ERC-20 fungible tokens (currencies) — you can assign a financial value in fungible tokens to your non-fungible asset.

  • many-to-many atomic operations — you can create and transfer multiple tokens (both fungible and non-fungible) on the blockchain in one single transaction.

  • conventions for interoperability between different applications — you can work with many applications in the same way without the need to adapt to different systems.

0xcert + Wanchain’s Cross-blockchain Technology

The integration of Wanchain into 0xcert’s development framework will be complete in just two weeks. Combining the 0xcert framework with Wanchain’s cross-blockchain technology is a logical next step, as the Wanchain connector will expand the dApp development framework to have multi-blockchain capability. Although digital collectibles and gaming are the most obvious use cases at the moment, the combination of 0xcert and Wanchain will open up doors to previously impossible use cases. Future use cases include private cross-chain transactions and cross-chain NFTs on Wanchain, leveraging the 0xcert framework.

Start Building with Wanchain and 0xcert

Developers can start building cross-chain dApps using Wanchain’s technology visiting Wanchain’s docs site (wandevs.org). More to come from 0xcert on documentation and tutorials for this integration.

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