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Are you aware of FOMO? And why Buying $80k Bitcoin will be worth

The Prices of Bitcoin have gone up by 120% this year, many sources believe FOMO has not trended as of yet.

The Lost Prospects

Last year in 2018 it was stated that if one purchased Bitcoin in 2017, one would have gained a lot by now, you might have noted that Bitcoin started at less than a 1000 US dollars, the BTC had almost reached a maximum of 20,000 US dollars at the mid of December.

A sudden surge in BTC in just weeks, the BTC shifted from 7,400 to 19,600 US dollars. Then the 80% crash occurred in 2018, the investing individuals are aware to purchase at low levels and make profits when it peaks, but some BTC traditionalists prefer to wait until Bitcoin bounces back.

Going Back To Back

In the latter half of 2018, BTC sank to a dip of 3,070 US dollars. Following this, Smart money stepped in, and those who invested at this point have gained by 153%. The levels of FOMO according to reports are considerably less when compared to the Cryptomania in 2017, the range forecasts are not that bright and can be fluctuating for 2019 in between 6,900$ to below 10k $ mark. With 2020 half-slicing approaching near Bitcoin is predicted to pierce through the all-time spikes. In addition to this, Bitcoin has garnered attention from the public especially business giants such as Microsoft and TD Ameritrade.

Arriving at $80k Mark

what would be the reason one would enter the scene at 80,000$ BTC instead at a value of 7,800$, you can blame this on a “pack” state of mind, the FOMO retail seems to be pretty low at the moment but there are slots being taken by daring investors, the partnership of Grayscale with Dorsey’s app for cash comprises of more than 30% purchases of monthly BTC stock, some speculations suggest that sometime in the future Bitcoin can reach 100k$ mark, and coming in at 3,000$ or 15,000$ mark won’t hold much importance.

Whales are Piling Bitcoin

A report suggested that just 7,31,000 addresses own 1 BTC or more, the whale wallets are gathering coins with little flows. This suggests that only 6,35,000 BTC remain till the coming slicing. If FOMO sinks in at $10k mark, it all good else it won’t be of much use as predicted.

*This is not an investment advice

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