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August 2021, Bitcoin Will Peak to $115,000: Says Dan Morehead

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Dan Morehead CEO of Pantera Capital has forecasted that there is a 50% possibility that the price of bitcoin (BTC) will reach $115,000 in August, 2021.

At a recently available correspondence for investors, Morehead mentioned: "If the new supply of bitcoin is cut in half (with the May 12 halving), all else being equal, the price should rise." Even the cryptocurrency entrepreneur examined bitcoin's year to date operation contrary to equity funding, oil, along with gold. He predicts that BTC will keep to profit contrary to other asset types, post-halving, as fiat depreciates from stimulation offers. Morehead noticed that halving traditionally propels a bull run, as a result of perceived or real lack of distribution. "The post-halving rallies have averaged 446 days — from the halving to the peak of that bull cycle. In this cycle, the market did in fact trough 514 days before the halving. If history were to repeat itself, bitcoin would peak in August 2021,” he explained, giving the prediction a “more than 50-50 chance." "The second halving decreased supply only one-third as much as the first. Very interestingly, it had exactly one-third the price impact." Extrapolating the connection, Morehead composed:

The reduction in supply is only 40% as great as in 2016. If this relationship holds, that would imply about 40% as much price impulse — bitcoin would peak at $115,212

Even the Pantera creator noted the Covid-19 linked stimulation will cut the worth of paper dollars and pump up the price tag on additional fixed-quantity assets such as gold and BTC. Morehead additionally said that BTC had out-performed gold since March 25, once he presented the following letter to shareholders, rallying over 32%. "Gold’s been around for 5,000 years, so it’s not going away overnight. But, it’s certainly past its sell-by date," he explained. He had restricted his kindness with petroleum. People have had to pay $20 a barrel for somebody to take it off their hands as prices tumbled. Bitcoin came to be throughout the economic downturn and Morehead sees it coming from the inaugural 1, using its 209% 9-year chemical annual increase rate listed for other strength categories, oil, bonds, along with shares. As the prior recession has been "V-shaped" with premature growth listed, Morehead considers the corona-induced downturn is "L-shaped" as lots of corporations are going from industry, the emotional impacts of the outbreak are now still unprecedented and businesses may wait on each other to restart features. Morehead writes that it is "close to inevitable that this will be very positive for cryptocurrency prices."

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Disclaimer: This article is not an investment advice.

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