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Bitcoin gains browsing upper hand over Donald Trump

BTC profits in the previous half of the year have attracted public attention into browsing for Bitcoin over Donald Trump. People are interested to learn the reason behind the rise in Bitcoin prices $7370.71 and knowing about how Bitcoin operates. Their latest demonstration of over 8000 US dollars has sparked people’s interest, the number of searches since last December has been the maximum. The search trends facility of Google is one of the better real-time tools for getting a hold of the world’s interest in Bitcoin.

In 2019’s spring, Bitcoin moved out of a sluggish period, and this was validated with the number of searches for Bitcoin that skyrocketed. Now Bitcoin has taken over other searches by users such as Tesla, Donald Trump, Elon Musk. The interesting factor to note is that most of the searches related to Donald trump are coming from the United States, whereas searches for Bitcoin has gathered true worldwide attention that involves all the continents. The phrase of ‘what is’ had Bitcoin in it as the topmost searched thing in 2018 in the UK and also the US.

Most Interested Nation

The most interested countries in Bitcoin are Nigeria, South Africa, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Singapore, Ghana, Australia, and Switzerland.

Bitcoin Vs. Donald Trump

There are places in the United States where people are browsing for Bitcoin ahead of Donald Trump, these states are Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, Colorado, New Jersey, Alaska, Columbia district, Utah, California, and New York.

Tweet Vs. Search

The number of tweets and search volume index have shown updated prices for Ethereum and Bitcoin, the tweets are a more reliable source for price updates compared to search, though searches are rising for Bitcoin as a 1000$ rise at the beginning of April, resulted in searches related to Bitcoin in the next few days. This goes to show that after seeing the rise in prices the public browses for Bitcoin. The tweets although have been rising at a good pace of 30000 tweets a day since March, but is lesser in comparison to a previous era that goes back to November 2018.

Some experts suggest the Bitcoin price can shoot up to a 100K US dollars in the near future, and with that, there is a possibility of increased Bitcoin search as well.

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