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Bitcoin looks for new ways while Binance coin flourishes

Binance coin is sailing smoothly as it has accomplished many high curves if you see its progress in 2019, some experts suggest this rate of success can make Binance a tough competitor for Bitcoin in the future.

Just 48 hours ago, Binance coin achieved an all-time record spike of 32.41$, the marketplace capitalization crossed the 4 billion dollar mark. It is the 7th ranked cryptocurrency in terms of biggest market cap, its progress has been terrific reaching 16.43 % in last 2 days, it recorded a leap of 35% in the previous week and excelled with over 501% surge in the year 2019, several time frames showcase the rise of it and people are left pondering about the heights this Altcoin can reach.

Binance is continuously targeting for the surge and has been progressing optimally over the trend line according to the past 3 months. After reaching 32.41$ as the maximum, Binance is looking for a breather, the RSI has dipped from 75 to below 65.

The 4-Hour Report

Judging from 4-hour report, BNB is progressing in a climb steps manner; this is a continuous pattern, as it integrates to ready itself for the next step. The moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) has been pretty stretched since the start of 2018, at that time BNB notched a high of 25.10$.

In a short period of time it is predicted that BNB might revert back to 30.78$ or lower to 29. 81 $ near to the 20 MA of Bollinger band indicator. A complete re-track of this week’s profits would position BNB at 28.37$, this stage is in sync with the trend line which has remained undisturbed since March 18.

The Hourly Graph

The hourly graph displays BNB below the mid hand of Bollinger band pointer, the fastening of these bands and descent of the RSI below the trend line, it is probable that BNB would revert back to previous standards.

The Daily Graph

2 days ago, the BTC and BNB connect became overwhelming as BNB maintained an upper low of above 11 and 25 EMA, the 11 EMA is about to go beyond the 25 EMA, the everyday MACD is strong, possibly reaching above zero.

The price activity of BNB is supported by sequential IEO’s combined with BNB and the fresh lottery scheme needing applicants and also participators possessing a preset quantity of BNB.

The incoming harmony IEO and Binance DEX and latest declarations are propelling them to greater heights.

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