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Educating About Crypto Is A Solution, Banning Is Not

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

I keep discovering 100s of articles regarding the cryptocurrency ban in India. Well, what I didn't found till now is a clear solution that what should be implemented in the country to let new users actually understand cryptocurrency.

The recent crypto ban news from Economic Times has also created a kind of tension in crypto traders as well as for new users who are planning to enter into cryptocurrency.

What I have discovered is, the government or any parties who wants to ban cryptocurrency is just focusing on points like, "A lot of scams happen into cryptocurrency", "It's a really volatile market", "New user losses a lot of money".

Well, they are right somewhere, A lot of scams do happen in crypto & due to that new user's lose a lot of money as well. But that doesn't mean banning cryptocurrency will be a solution.

Before any new user enter into cryptocurrency & invest his/her money. Firstly they must spend some time researching about cryptocurrency & educating themselves.

Making This Work

At Todayq, I have taken this initiative with my team to educating new users who are willing to understand cryptocurrency. We recently completed our cryptocurrency course which is specially designed for beginners to understand each & everything regarding crypto.

Not just showing them the profit side, but also the loss side as well. Helping them adopt a mindset before investing their money into cryptocurrency. From using legit & top-ranked exchanges to avoiding scams & staying secure. We covered everything in our recent "New to Crypto" course.

We understood the problem of a new user who enters into cryptocurrency, he/she keeps spending time reading articles or watching videos on YouTube but found it difficult to understand it easily & more important, transparently. And that's where our NTC course helps them out. Recently few new users from Bangalore, Chennai, Uttrakhand, etc have enrolled in our New to Crypto (NTC) course & their feedback that how simply they have understood everything about cryptocurrencies made me write this article.

More Voices, More Impact

A recent article from Nischal Shetty (CEO at WazirX) on the crypto ban in India also explained the importance of cryptocurrency & what the Indian government should focus on. He mentioned:

I’ve also said it before, that when it comes to regulating crypto, I’m positive that India will follow the footsteps of developed countries like Japan, USA, UK, Australia, and more. India has been on fence for a long time while most of the developed world has accepted and introduced positive regulations. The question that all of us and our government have to ask is, do we want to be in the company of green countries or red countries?

Source: Wikipedia

While cryptocurrency supporters like Nischal, Crypto Kanoon & a lot more are helping the Indian government to bring the right regulations for cryptocurrency, Todayq is working to take this initiative further by helping new users completely understand cryptocurrency with the help of the New to Crypto (NTC) course.

Varun Goel | Founder, CEO at Todayq

With decentralization & complete transparency for each & every person, blockchain is the leading innovator in the internet world. A big example of cryptocurrency defines it's potential. The way money is decentralized, has been made secured and is accessible by anyone/anywhere shows the upcoming change in the finance sector. The potential of blockchain & cryptocurrency is way more than we have yet imagined. 

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