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Facebook could introduce FB coin ‘stable coin’ in Q3 confirmed by unknown sources.

Facebook is interested in launching Fb coin stable coin in Q3 and for this purpose they have started to employ Paypal officials, while they are also thinking of launching the cryptocurrency. There are many positions sorted by Facebook such as data engineers, marketing experts all relative to blockchains.

The social networking icon has planned to bring very own token, the contracting of employees for blockchain had already been initiated last year. Some portion of the employees are from or belong to the payments background.

This situation is similar to the millennium era, e-payments was developing at a good rate back then and it included a few now-famous entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk Reid Hoffman and also Peter Thiel, they were very much into the concept of cryptocurrency, not only is it Paypal they are hiring from but also contracting employees from chainspace, these employees are skilled in a mechanism called sharding that scales the blockchains.

Further plans to implement cryptocurrency

Facebook has its sights set also on the Indian market that facilitates the users to transfer money to each other via the cryptocurrency on the messaging application Whatsapp. The FB coin will be a stable coin as it arrives marking Facebook’s cryptocurrency launch. Facebook is willing to collaborate with Visa and the Mastercard related to this, and are going to target investments that total up to about a billion dollars, Facebook is also partnering with other firms for support.

Facebook could introduce FB coin stable coin in Q3 confirmed by unknown sources

The sources say that Facebook is planning on to outdate the swiping of the cards and the processing charge attached to them, which is around two or three percent of the purchase, there is a huge possibility of the card payment routine going out of trends given if it does manage to succeed.

Offering the users some incentive

Facebook is willing to reward the viewers in digital currency for watching the ads, reports have circled over that in some years this venture of cryptocurrency could benefit Facebook in billions as additional earnings, the company has attained a status for its anticipated token and it will be associated with the currency of the US the Dollar, also it will have a variety of applications.

But the Facebook sources have denied the remarks over these reports and development of this concept, given all the rumors circulating around if this turns out to be a reality then one can expect Facebook to go miles with it.

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