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IBM blockchain network for clothing to getting U.S Visa via Bitcoin, Read Today's Top 5 Crypto News

1) IBM partners with KAYA & KATO to develop a blockchain-based network to make clothing production transparent.

IBM, a tech giant announced that it has joined hands with KAYA&KATO, a textile company that manufactures uniforms and workwear to build a blockchain-based Network to Track Sustainable Clothing. This partnership is being supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development (BMZ). The network is designed to create transparency about the origin of garments, from the fiber used to the completion of the final product, and to provide consumers with the knowledge that their clothes are sustainably produced.

2) National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic is working on a draft law to regulate the cryptocurrency industry in Kyrgyzstan.

Central Bank of Kyrgyzstan is working on a draft law to regulate the cryptocurrency industry in the country as announced by the Bank. The draft law will regulate the activities of entities that provide services for the purchase and sale (exchange) of cryptocurrencies (operations with cryptocurrencies). The bank stated the purpose of the proposed regulation is to create favorable conditions for the development of technologies and the market, minimize the relevant risks, and protect consumer rights.

3) CitiFX prepared a technical analysis pointing to a potential high of $318,000 in December 2021.

Trading name and service of Citibank, CitiFX prepared a technical analysis for its institutional clients where they mentioned a potential high of Bitcoin to $318,000 in December 2021. To which Alex tweeted

This kind of technical analysis is of little value. There is no edge in guessing targets so far in time with TA. All we know is that price is likely to continue going up, and a lot.

4) Bitcoin Movement launches a streetwear line designed by Zuby featuring a blockchain-backed system for authentication.

Bitcoin Movement (BTCMVMNT), an online retail store launched 300 item collections designed by a British entrepreneur and rapper Zuby with a blockchain-backed system of “Proof of authenticity". The collection consists of 50 hoodies, 125 Hats, and 125 T-Shirts. All of the items in the collection have a logo '21 Million' signifying the maximum amount of Bitcoins that will be mined.

5) Peninsula Visa announced to give the option to travelers to pay via Bitcoin.

Peninsula Visa based in San Jose, California, United States will allow its customers to pay for select passport services with Bitcoin using Coinbase Commerce. Evan James, Chief Operating Officer at Peninsula Visa said

Never before has anyone been able to pay for a U.S. passport using a digital currency. We’re thrilled to be the first company in the nation offering this alternative payment method to our valued customers

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