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Price of BTC Shows Correlation with offshore RMB Futures that is quite Remarkable

Offshore Renminbi Market

RMB in Mandarin translates to the currency of the people and has `been formally documented as the money of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) ever since the year 1948.

The Chinese Yuan (CNY) is, in reality, the entity of account for RMB and is mainly not its entirely separate and very own currency.

The Offshore market of Renminbi itself is a non-mainland China trade unit initially in Hong Kong to make easy extraterritorial buy and sell with overseas countries. Since its commencement in the year 2003, three new offshore markets of RMB have cropped up in Singapore, London, and Taiwan.

Performance of BTC vs. Offshore RMB Futures

We can compare the presentation of the price of both BTC and the offshore market of RMB futures over the past eight months.

What is quite shocking here is that we can see a very much clear relationship connecting the two particular trends in spite of both commercial products, if you can yet class BTC as a commercial product that is operating in two completely different spheres.

When the price of Bitcoin plummeted through the BTC Cash war in November past year, we can generally see that the offshore market of RMB futures followed the identical steep downtrend about exactly a whole month later.

The same similarity can also be seen when the price of BTC made quite a sturdy and robust resurgence out of the bear market about April this particular year, only to be followed a whole month later by the exchange of RMB futures again.

What is more, is that at what time we look at the freshest data on the respective chart, we can generally see that the market of RMB futures at present appears to have at last caught up with the performance of BTC as both starts to correct at the precise similar time.

Coincidence, Correlation or Many More

What we can draw from this is that it seemed that BTC was front operating the offshore market of RMB for several months. It generally could have been that the two respective markets had turned out to be fundamentally correlated as the immense majority of investors in the market of RMB futures were also trading in the market of Bitcoin that is achievable given the reputation of BTC across the markets of Asia.

The equivalent can be assumed when the recovery of BTC began after the breakdown. The new bullish response in the market of cryptocurrency could have confident traders of RMB futures to come back to the market, therefore the spike in trades afterward.

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