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Project Aber reports issued to McGrath advice on Bitcoin long-term, Read Today's Top 5 Crypto News

1) Project Aber CBDC trial reports have been issued by Central banks of UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Project Aber is a joint effort of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia which was first announced in January 2019. The name Aber is an Arabic word, for “crossing boundaries”, it justifies the name because of the cross-border nature of the project, and both the central banks hope that it would also cross boundaries in terms of the use of the technology. The report said

There has been a significant improvement over centralized payment systems in terms of architectural resilience. The key requirements [...] were all met, including complex requirements around privacy and decentralization, as well as requirements related to mitigating economic risks, such as central bank visibility of money supply and traceability of issued currency.

2) Rogers moves from the Luxury brands world to the crypto Industry.

Ian Rogers who has been serving as a chief digital officer at LMVH has been appointed as chief experience officer at Ledger, a french crypto hardware and software maker where he will be in charge of business-to-consumer operations and user experience. Rogers said

I remember when you couldn’t simply say ‘go to my website' [...] You had to first explain the concept of the internet [...] I love those moments when technology moves from science fiction to mainstream. Digital assets are standing on the verge of this move.

3) Pizza Hut stores in Venezuela will accept crypto.

Pizza Hut stores in Venezuela will accept crypto as a form of payment for food and drinks for this they have partnered with Mega Soft. Richard ElKhouri, General Director for Venezuelan operations of Pizza Hut said

Pizza Hut nowadays cannot be detached from these technological advances and all those incorporating new approaches for daily necessities. It is important that we accommodate young people, modern adults, and people technologically knowledgeable

4) RippleNet's general manager is bullish about the crypto space becoming hot again.

Asheesh Birla, RippleNet general manager in a podcast Lend Academy recorded at the start of November said

I think that the days when folks believed that there’s only going to be Bitcoin, I think, are over. I think it’s clear that there’s gonna be a lot of digital assets and there’s gonna be a lot more traditional assets that are gonna be tokenized as digital assets.

He also claimed to be bullish about the crypto space becoming red hot again. When Birla made this statement Ripple valued approximately $0.25 and it increased by 3x last week.

5) Head of research at Sino Global Capital recommends Bitcoin investors considering the long-term view.

Dermot McGrath, head of research at blockchain investment firm Sino Global Capital believes that Bitcoin investors should consider the long-term view rather than focusing on immediate headlines. He said

In the crypto and blockchain ecosystems it is important to be able to ‘cut through the noise. We are long term bullish on Bitcoin and we continue to see the industry professionalize and mature as an asset class.

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