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What the future has in store for Cryptocurrency, read today's top 5 Crypto news

1. Huawei will launch the first phone to support hardware wallet for digital yuan.

Huawei's Mate40 smartphone series will come with an integrated hardware wallet for digital yuan (China's CBDC). Huawei's official post on a Chinese microblogging website said:

HuaweiMate40 series is the first smartphone that supports digital RMB hardware wallet, hardware-level security, controllable anonymity protection, dual offline transactions, bringing a new safe and convenient payment experience.

In the post, the company informed that users will be able to control and protect their anonymity and perform dual offline transactions.

2. Blockchain could be used by the U.S. Department of Defense in the future.

United States Department of Defense this year also organized the Advanced Manufacturing Olympics to employ new technology for defense use. SIMBA Chain, a smart contract-as-a-service platform bagged the first position. The war game scenario a fictional island was under siege and participants had to create secure communication and delivery network for forward-deployed military units and front-line medical staff not only these participants had to deploy additive manufacturing as well. The company states it has "high hopes that blockchain, and specifically SIMBA Chain, will soon be an integral part of the U.S. military’s strategic weaponry."

3. On the Ethereum network WBTC is now the most popular version of Bitcoin.

In terms of market capitalization Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) reached its all-time high today. It has now become Ethereum’s sixth-largest token by market cap and 18th-largest cryptocurrency by market cap overall. Out of $2 billion worth of BTC on the Ethereum network, 80% is WBTC.

4. Crypto related services will be offered by TDB Bank, Mongolia’s largest bank.

Hexland is a blockchain company founded by former Samsung developers and Delio, tech company will work with TDB Bank, the largest and oldest bank of Mongolia with 50 branches across the country for this project. A media outlet reported that MDKI, a Mongolian mineral resource and blockchain company is also involved in this project.

An anonymous official of Delio said:

We are in full swing to enter the global virtual asset financial market

5. By 2030 Bitcoin adoption can reach 90%.

Brian Estes, founder of investment firm Off The Chain Capital in an interview said:

I think in 2029, 2030, when 90% of U.S. households and people in the United States use cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, then I think it becomes a stable part of the economy, and not just the U.S. economy, but I think the world economy,

In the same interview, he mentioned that he is saying this after proper analysis of the S-curve. He also added

Between 0 and 10% adoption, its an 'if.' Once a new technology hits 10% adoption, its a 'when.' It's the same amount of time, and I can give you plenty of examples — from personal computers, to internet, to fax machines in the 1970s, to washing machines in the 1940s, to automobiles in the 1930s, railroads in the 1800s, shipping in the 1600s — it's all the same adoption curve.

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