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For trading below 15,000 INR


  • Get up to 2 trading signals every month

1 Month

A must have for a new trader

5499 INR

  • Up to 10 premium signals

  • Up to 90% success accuracy

  • Short term trades

  • Chat/Call support

6 Months

Exclusively for a regular trader

4999 INR

per month


  • Total up to 70 premium signals

  • Up to 90% success accuracy

  • Short term trades

  • Chat/Call support

  • Special coins

12 Months

Ultimate solution for a long term trader

4499 INR

per month

SAVE 18%

  • Total up to 150 premium signals

  • Up to 90% success accuracy

  • Short term trades

  • VIP support

  • Special coins

  • Free long term trades guidance

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Frequently Asked Questions
Are, trading signals for the short term?

Yes! All trading signals are for short term period & on average achieves the given targets within 0 to 3 days (0 being, few hours).

On which exchanges can I trade on these signals?

At the time of registration, you will get an option to choose on which exchange you would like to trade. As per your chosen option, you will receive trading signals for that respective exchange. However our signals can be easily traded on Binance, BitMex, Bitfinex, OKEx, Huobi, HitBTC, Bittrex, Kucoin & much more.

How I will receive the trading signals?

All our premium trading signals will be sent to you using WhatsApp or by SMS. 

What is the profit percentage on each signal?

On average, the profit percentage of each short term trading signal varies between 5% to 30%. Let us clear it with an example:

Suppose that we prepared a trading signal for BTC/USD, our BTC entry price was $7000 and our short term targets were $7150 - $7350 - $7500. Now suppose that BTC hit's the second target i.e $7350 and we exited our positions. As per the market & our trade BTC gained 5% in its value

(7350 - 7000 = 350, 350/7000*100 = 5%). Now if on the same trade a user takes 5x leverage, his/her profit will be 25%. 

However, it doesn't mean that leverage is necessary for trading. This is just an example. At Todayq, we focus on quality trading & consistent profits. *T&C Apply

Got some more questions?

We love answering them! Call our customer care executive at +911140845540


I never find such a great place earlier to get Crypto signals. I started with their Monthly Trading Plan & just loved their trading signals.





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