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Connecting Crypto 


and Analysts Worldwide

Crypto signals like never before.
Really, never before.

Get it. Set it. 

Get crypto trading signals with clear buying range, stop loss & target.

Crypto trading signals

Yes Analysts. Real Analysts.

Choose real crypto analysts and subscribe the one you want. 

Crypto Experts

Transparency. That's Todayq.

Go through a complete history of the analyst performance and trades.

Crypto Analysts

Something that takes courage.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Profit: Yes | Fee Paid: Yes

Pay an analyst only when they makes you money.

No more monthly subscription and paying for loss trades. Get a trade from an analyst and only pay for the ones in which you make profit.

Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Profit: No Fee Paid: No

Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Profit: Yes | Fee Paid: Yes

Alex Smith

Alex Smith

Profit: Yes | Fee Paid: Yes

Introducing the QTrade.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to effortless trading.

QTrade integrated with Binance. 

Activate your QTrade by using your Binance account API. 


Set your trading conditions.

Set your amount per trade and risk percentage. Yeah, that's it!


More than just crypto signals.

Stay updated with daily cryptocurrency news from around the globe. 

Stay ahead. Stay updated.

Todayq News

Ahhh! And this sweet widget.

Todayq News

Not just a company, it's a journey...

A journey started in 2017

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Varun Goel | Founder, CEO

Founded in 2017 with a mere $5 and a vision, Todayq addresses the challenges faced by crypto traders. Recognizing the losses incurred due to lack of expertise, our platform provides vital education and expert insights. We empower traders to make informed decisions, fostering sensible and profitable outcomes in the volatile crypto market.

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Crypto analysts are waiting for you

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