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What is NTC Course?

NTC Course, known as the "New to Crypto" course is specially designed for the newbies in cryptocurrency. In this cryptocurrency course our Founder, CEO Mr. Varun Goel will teach you everything about crypto's from beginning to the end. Take a look at this video...

Cryptocurrency course
Estimated time: 6 Days (1 hr/day) | Level: Beginner

What You Will Learn?

Become a Cryptocurrency Trader/Investor

You will start learning with the basics of blockchain. How it is formed, what's the usage & how cryptocurrency works on blockchain technology. Then you'll progress to learn about how it works. You will then understand the usage of crypto exchanges & crypto wallets. After learning about these basics, you will start with the main content of the program where you will learn & practice about crypto trading & much more.

1) What is Blockchain:

  • Learn about the basics of blockchain technology. How it started, what's the usage & how it is used in cryptocurrency.

2) What are Cryptocurrencies:

  • Learn the basics of cryptocurrency. How it is formed, how it is used, what is Bitcoin, what is  Ethereum, what is Litecoin, what is Ripple & much more.

3) What are Cryptocurrency Exchanges:

  • Learn about exchanges. What are they, what is the use of exchanges, how to find good exchanges & what are different types of exchanges.

4) What are Cryptocurrency Wallets:

  • Learn everything about wallets. What are wallets, types of wallets, hardware wallets, online wallets, desktop wallets, phone wallets, etc.

5) What is Cryptocurrency Mining:

  • Learn what is mining, how mining works & what is the use of mining, should you mine or not.

6) What is ICO & Token Sale:

  • Understand about ICO & how it works, what are the type of ICOs & token sale, how to determine which ICO is safe.

7) How to Open Trading Account on Exchanges:

  • After learning about exchanges in module 3, you will now learn about opening accounts on different exchanges & how to use them. You will open your first 3 accounts on exchanges.

8) How to Buy & Sell Cryptocurrency:

  • Clearing the basics in module 2 & understanding about exchanges from module 3 & 7, you will now learn about buying and selling off cryptocurrency. In this module you will also learn about the market, market orders, buy orders, sell orders, filled orders, pending orders & much more. You will also buy your first cryptocurrency (any amount as per you/not necessary).

9) How to Start Trading in Cryptocurrency:

  • You have all your previous requirements covered till this module & now it's the time you will learn to trade cryptocurrency. You will learn about limits, stop limits, triggering price, stop losses, leverage, contracts & much more. You will also trade for the first time (free demo bitcoins will be available to you for test trading).

10) Charts:

  • How to use charts to check the history of each coin & understand candlesticks basics.

11) Key Things to Keep in Mind While Trading:

  • After understanding & practicing trading, now it's time to know about special secrets. In this special module, you will learn about pumps & dumps, how they are planned, how FOMO works, how to avoid huge losses & much more interesting stuff.

12) How to Secure Your Cryptocurrency & Accounts:

  • Crypto is highly valuable & it's really important that you know how to protect it. In this module you will learn all about security, keeping your accounts, crypto private/secured, what are private keys & how to keep them secure, how to identify fake crypto websites & much more.

13) Bonus:

  • How you can maximize your profits in cryptocurrency with the help of Todayq.

Varun Goel | Founder, CEO

With decentralization & complete transparency for each & every person blockchain is the leading innovator in the internet world. A big example of cryptocurrency defines it's potential. The way money is decentralized, has been made secured and is accessible by anyone/anywhere shows the upcoming change in the finance sector. The potential of blockchain & cryptocurrency is way more than we have yet imagined. Connect with Varun Goel >>

What NTC Enrollees Say?

Avinash Sharma

Best cryptocurrency course for a beginner. The flow of the course is simple to understand with practical videos & implementations. Well I have completed 7 modules till now and already learned a lot about cryptocurrencies.

Moshwern Fernandes

Great cryptocurrency learning course, I will surely recommend it to those who are completely new to this field. The course is simply designed and can be understood easily without any prior knowledge.

Madhav Jain

Varun sir has easily let me understand everything about cryptocurrencies. I had lots of doubts in my mind regarding cryptocurrencies but after enrolling in the NTC course they just flew away. Thank you sir.

Nitin Chawala

I faced a bit of difficulty while starting as I am completely new to this field. However after 2 modules I started understanding the usage and working of cryptocurrencies & even blockchain.

Rohit Arora

The program is so interesting & Mr. Varun has explained everything about cryptocurrencies and blockchain so easily. The only thing I would request is to add subtitles in videos as well. But overall, it's worth enrolling in this course.

Noiki Funto

The only thing I loved about this program is that its core is practical implementation so that we can start trading. Well I loved that this program has cleared my basics first and then practical implementations.


NTC Course Inside View

ntc course review

Enroll in NTC course:

Estimated time: 6 Days (1 hr/day)Level: Beginner | Language: English


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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I enroll?

This NTC "New to Crypto" course will prepare you for trading/investing in cryptocurrencies. In this course, you'll not only learn about how to trade in crypto, but you'll also learn basics of blockchain, types of crypto wallets, ICO's, market-main movements & much more.


As per the reports from crypto exchanges, people are entering into crypto's for trading/investment purposes due to its decentralized technology and profitability. Enroll in the NTC course and start your journey in crypto.

How do I know if the NTC course is right for me?

This course is designed for those who are complete beginners in crypto & want to trade/invest or explore this field. If you are looking to learn about crypto, how they work, how to buy/sell, how to trade in them, how to make money in them, etc. Then the NTC course is perfect for you.

In this course, you will learn every basic detail that you need to get started in cryptocurrency.

Who is the instructor?

The instructor of this course is our Founder, CEO Varun Goel

After enrolling can I start the course immediately?

Yes! When you complete the enrollment process for the NTC course, our system will verify your details & will send you an auto-generated email notifying you that your account has been activated. You can log in to your account at


How long do I have access to the course?

NTC Course is designed to take 6 days to complete, but you'll have access for 30 days after you enroll so you can work at your own pace.

After completing the course, how will I get a certificate?

Once you complete the NTC Course and pass a required online assessment within 30 days, you will be eligible to get your certificate.

Enroll in NTC course>>


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